Where to get laid

Looking to meet a local?  As a general rule you will need to travel outside of the central tourist area, as Czechs tend to avoid heading down-town at all costs. Czechs can be very cold when you first meet them, so don’t be put off by first impressions.  Wait long enough and you will see the friendlier side of the country come out. Young Czechs can often be found in pubs near the handful of university campuses. Ensure that you have perfected your table football/foosball skills as a good conversation starter.

Oftentimes a good rule of thumb is if you want to meet Czechs interested in foreigners, you will find them downtown. If you want to meet Czechs just to have a conversation, you will find them in the areas just outside the tourist areas.

If you come in the summer, one of the best bets for meeting locals is visiting a beer garden; there are two centrally located beer gardens. The first overlooks the river from a park known as Letna. Closest tram stop is Letenske Namesti. Follow all the people on rollerblades and walking dogs and you will find the way from there. The second, larger beer garden known as Riegrovy sady is just behind the main train station. Closest metro stop is Jiriho z Podebrad.

Downtown in the evening and looking for Ms. Right? Try Karlovo Lazne, the five story next to the Charles Bridge. Also worth a visit is Chapeau Rouge behind the Tyn Church off of Old Town Square. Finding Mr. Right can be a little trickier. Czech men are not quite as interested in going out downtown, but try a stop by Nebe, closest metro stop is on the yellow line at Narodni Trida. Also worth a visit is The Pub, a pour-your own beer restaurant popular with the gentlemen. Nearest metro is Staromestka on the green line.

How to find a fellow foreigner

A little put off by the Czechs, but still looking for love? Many companies run pub crawls 365 nights a week leaving from the old-town square in the evening. For a low price, you will find yourself among dozens of fellow travelers all partaking in the free alcohol offered by the pub crawl.

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5 Responses to “Where to get laid”

  1. I would very much like to meet an English speaking lady in Prague. What would be my best approach.


    Terry Nicholls

  2. Hi

    I am french 33 years old , i am living Paris ans working in paris
    So i”m looking for a Nice girl and open minded smart and if s possible beautiful:)

    I am coming on NeXT saturday December 17
    And Côme back to Paris sunday
    I hope to Meet in thaï short Time thé girl thaï i m looping for

    I practice martial art s and i m little cute :)
    Hope to have message from you
    Reda from Paris


    Reda hamidi

  3. Good luck Reda!


    Cheapo Charlie

  4. You simply can’t imagine how I burst in an uncontrollable laughter after reading this article; blimey!….I just had my BEST nite out ever in Prague, and guess where it was?….YES… Karlovo Lazne!

    And you know what? I never read this article before visiting this place; it was simply sensational; had a great time with this hot Brazilian girl; I’m heading down town tonite; same venue; hope I get second time lucky.



  5. O’bina: Great to hear a real field report. I wish you the best of luck tonight as well.


    Cheapo Charlie

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